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Container units

Whether you are looking for a mobile unit or stationary solution provides a range of compact, individual modules. With outputs of up to 3,125 kVA, they are suitable for use even in difficult conditions! Take advantage of our wealth of experience. After all, we have designed and delivered thousands of container units to customers throughout the world!
Whatever the application, our experience, exacting quality standards and innovative ideas combine to produce a made-to-measure, reliable solution.
More and more of our customers are opting for the container concept and stationary applications. After all, the advantages are plain to see:

  • A space-saving, compact design
  • Very short commissioning periods
  • Very good sound insulation options
  • Inexpensive infrastructure

    (cooling, exhaust gas, air and tank systems)

  • Mobility and worldwide logistic compatibility; can be transported quickly and cheaply to any destination

Additional advantages compared to built-in units:

  • The costs of constructing the machine housing are saved
  • The extra costs for a complex infrastructure are saved
  • The fact that the container system can be moved with little effort means that it is not confined to a particular site

Generally speaking, we supply the units in modified 20 or 40-foot standard containers. Where very high electrical outputs are required, the container units are operated in parallel. They are then equipped with an appropriate load management system and, if necessary, step-up transformers in order to generate medium voltages.