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Metering Systems

Our experience includes all metering techniques in varied applications along with analytical systems, proves and control panels. We have supplied some of the largest metering systems, including 36" gas ultrasonic meters, and worked in some of the most challenging areas including cryogenic liquid ethylene at -100C, LNG at -165C, very high pressures (API 10,000) and multiphase flows.

Advanced of Metering Manufacturer such as
  • Custody Transfer
  • Fiscal Metering Systems
  • Proving Systems
  • Sampling
  • Analytical Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Supervisory Systems
Expert Project Management

Our project managers are totally focused on the oil & gas industry. Their knowledge of metering standards (including API/ISO/AGA/ASTM) and technologies will help you to meet your project targets. They are based in our key locations throughout the world such as UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran – and work in facilities that can handle even the most complex of metering skid needs.