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Liquid Metering Systems

From crude oil to cryogenic ethylene to caustic liquids; offshore to portable solutions, 2” coriolis mass meters to 20” liquid ultrasonic meters – CEDCO have the knowledge, people and facilities to meet your project needs.

We can help whatever your liquid fiscal/custody transfer or allocation metering requirements are. Our teams of project managers are dedicated to understanding the latest standards and technologies to meet modern demands for liquid metering. We consistently deliver high accuracy liquid metering, proving, master metering and calibration package – it’s our business.

We have worked with all metering technologies including turbine, coriolis, ultrasonic and PD meters. We can carefully integrate all of your requirements to provide you with a total solution incorporating: sampling and analysis (water cut, density, viscosity, Vapoure pressure, composition); proving and calibration needs (bi-directional ball proves, compact proves, master metering, water draw calibration systems), and metering control and supervisory systems.

Our experience is far reaching and includes cryogenic metering, LNG, highly viscous fluids, multiphase flows and very high pressures (API 10,000). Different metering technologies have different benefits. We are independent of any meter manufacturer and can help you make the right choice for your application:

  • Turbine Meters:

    Proven technology, excellent repeatability, and wide fluid range.

  • Coriolis Meters:

    Direct mass measurement, no flow conditioning required, wide fluid range, less associated instrumentation.

  • Ultrasonic Meters:

    Reduced pressure loss, low maintenance, accommodates very high flows and abrasive fluids.

  • PD Meters:

    Wide range of flow rates and viscosities, proven technology.