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Switching Systems

We cater for all your needs. This includes providing switching systems which allow you to control, monitor and protect your unit, your electrical appliances and the electricity network. By using the very latest, top-quality switching system technology, we are able to offer our customers the ultimate in safety, convenience and functionality.
We supply standard switching systems as well as individual solutions with appropriate power sections for:

  • Low and medium voltages
  • Isolated/permanent operation
  • Manual and automatic mains backup operation
  • Automatic mains backup operation in accordance with the DIN 6280-13, VDE 0100-710 and VDE 0100-718 regulations relating to buildings where large numbers of people congregate or where increased safety requirements apply
  • Mains parallel operation
  • Peak-load operation
  • Suitable combinations of the operating modes described above
  • Isolated or parallel operation with load management

Thanks to a membrane keypad on the front panel, our units are easy to operate and set. For added convenience, this is also possible via remote control or using compatible diagnostic and parameterize software.