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Horizontal Pump

They are equipped with an oil lubricated bearing housing. Upon request, it is possible to install, on the biggest sizes, casing wear rings. They are manufactured in cast iron; upon request, the impeller could be supplied in bronze and in stainless steel. Pumps suitable for irrigation, clean water drainage, hot or overheated water circulation in heating systems, chilled water in conditioning systems, cooling liquid circulation in refrigerating units, aqueduct services, fire-fighting systems, industrial general services.

The manufactures an extensive range of horizontal centrifugal pumps.Capable of covering the most diverse fields of work, these pumps adapt to any kind of pumping requirements: use, fluid features, technology, type of facility, etc.

At the user's request, and in each case, the most suitable type of pump is manufactured as regards materials, execution, shaft seal and auxiliary sealing system. The manufacture  meet the strictest quality requirements and their scope and size ranges are selected to ensure low levels of NPSH and high performance in each case.

Their main application sectors are: general industry, chemical industry, industrial processes, energy, petrochemicals, refineries, mining, agriculture, marine, building, civil construction and water supply.