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Gas Metering Systems

From 2” orifice plates to 48” ultrasonic meters – our experience and expertise will deliver you the system you need.

Whether you need a single stream skid or a complex, fully integrated multi-stream gas metering solution with control panel and analyzer house, the knowledge and experience you will find at CEDCO will deliver what you need.

We have experience in all types of gas metering and associated instrumentation and are proud to have successfully supplied some of the biggest gas metering systems incorporating gas ultrasonic meters in sizes of 36” and above.

Of course, different gas metering technologies have different benefits. Our independence means that we can help you make the right choice for your application:

  • Ultrasonic Meters:

    Reduced uncertainty, high turndown, wide range of capacity, non-intrusive, low maintenance, fault tolerant (multi-path), suitable for wet gas.

  • Orifice Meters:

    Simple, proven design, relatively low cost, wide range of capacity, easy to install, relatively accurate, high pressure ratings.

  • Turbine Meters:

    Low cost, accurate, repeatable, high turndown.

  • Venturi Meters:

    Low pressure loss, low maintenance, proven technology, suitable for wet gas.

  • Coriolis Meters:

    Direct mass flow measurement, accurate, reliable.