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Fuel Oil Unloading Skid

CEDCO Filtration & Separation recently shipped a gas oil unloading skid for a power plant in Iran.The skid based system is designed for unloading four fuel trucks simultaneously. Each unloading is equipped with several unloading hoses with couplings. The fuel runs into a large header tank located below grade under gravity. The header tank is equipped with a level control system to function automatically. The rising level of fuel in the header activates the system transfer pumps. From the underground header, the fuel flows through a duplex basket strainer to remove large solids. After the pumps the fuel passes a degasses to remove traces of air from the fuel. From the degasses the fuel pass a flow control valve and strainer protecting the mass flow flow-meter. From there the fuel proceed to the over-ground storage tanks. The skid mounted system is provided with several level controls, pressure and differential pressure meters to function automatically. The mass flow meter counts the fuel daily supplied to the power plant. The touch screen based process computer is situated in the control room at the unloading area to provide information on functioning of the system. The PLC is connected to the internet to have access for troubleshooting and software maintenance on distance.

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Parts of unloading skids

Used for unloading the fuel from tankers / wagons through hoses

  • Suction strainers
  • Pumps with drives
  • Instrumentation (pressure, temperature & flow)
  • Interconnecting piping with valves mounted on a common base frame