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Standard bladder type hydraulic accumulators range from 1 liter to 500 liter with maximum working pressure of 420 bar manufactured in accordance with PED97-23-EC. Specials are also available for higher pressure, corrosive environments and aggressive fluids. Standard piston type accumulators range in capacity from 0.5 liter to 80 liter with maximum working pressure of 250, 350 and 415 bar manufactured in accordance with PED97-23-EC. Special have also be manufacture for pressure up to and above 1000 bar, and options are available in stainless steel.

Air blast oil coolers that offer heat dissipation performance from 1-100 kw. Units are available for return line flow application up to 500 lpm. Cooler can be supplied with integral off line recalculating pumps. Fans drives are available in 220/1/50, 413/3/50 12 DC and 24 DC electrical supply and options are also available with hydraulic fan motors.

Stainless steel plate type water oil heat exchangers are designed to provide compact highly efficient cooler. The brazed plate construction allows for a max oil working pressure of 20 bar and the unique design ensure high levels of heat transfer between the oil and water with relatively low water consumption, standard units range in size from 0-200 kw heat dissipation.

The provide the total package offer an extensive range of accessories including portable and permanent nitrogen charging equipment, service tool kits, mounting brackets and clamps to suit all UK and European standard bladder accumulators.