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Dry Gas Filter

Absolute high efficiency, high flow Pleated and depth filter cartridges to filter down to 0.5 micron at low differential pressures. Filter cartridges made of Glass Microfiber, Polypropylene" Polyester, SS 316, M'onel etc ASME lU' stamped NACE confirming filter vessels suitable for sour gas filtration and confirming to Gas industry standards.

Dry Gas filters are used to remove fine debris from a gas pipeline. Dry gas filters use disposable depth type cartridges to retain contaminant in the element structure. Cartridges are sleeve type with inner and outer support housings. Support housings are re-usable with only the sleeve part disposable.

Flow is inside-to-out with contaminant remaining inside the basket upon removal. Horizontal is most cost effective and maintenance friendly. Safety Interlocked quick opening closure gives quick access to the internals.